Vcenter-80 Vertical Machining Center

vc80.jpg (26957 bytes) rigidity.gif (3479 bytes)Maximum Spindle Rigidity
Spindle rigidity is optimised through the use of heavy headstock casting and CAE designed hearing arrangement. Maximum support around spindle cartridge is provided, so that the casting absorbs vibrations, not the spindle cartridge !
  • With the 6000 rpm option heavy duty roller hearings with angular thrust hearings allow maximum depths of cuts with finer precision. Ideal for jobs needing plenty of muscle at low rpm's.
  • Alternative 8000 rpm spindle fitted with precision angular thrust hearings provides to customers specialising in soft ductile materials requiring higher rpm's.

oil_cooler.gif (14138 bytes) Spindle Oil Cooler As Standard
While the spindle structure is built for maximum rigidity, it is also necessary to ensure maximum reliability and long bearing life. This is provided for by constantly circulating cooling oil around the spindle cartridge This oil is maintained at low temperatures through the use of spindle oil coolant.

Ram & Arm Type ATC
Rapid tool change is facilitated through the use of twin arm tool change and 24 tool magazine with hi directional random selection. The cam driven ATC offers optimum reliability and excellent service life while also allows side mounting of tool magazine to ensure tools are kept out of machining area and tree of swart.
ram_arm.gif (13018 bytes)
servo_motor.gif (14887 bytes) Direct Coupled Servo-Motor
To eliminate motor backlash all servo motors are direct coupled to the ballscrews, while flexible couplings eliminate any noise due to minor misalignments. Add to this double anchored ballscrews, that are pretensioned during machine assembly, for improved machining accuracy by minimising the effects of thermal growth.

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