CNC Machinery Center VC-H630

center_h630.jpg (26840 bytes) Reliability Guaranteen
As with all Victor machine tools, Vcenter-H630 has been designed with the and stability foremost.
Emphasis has been placed on continuous cutting ability in selecting machine structure and components.
From the bed ribbing to machine assembly, Victor employs over 40 yearn machine tool building to ensure machine down-time is kept to a minimum.
Advanced design
Through the use of advanced CAD and CAE, our R&D laboratory makes computer simulations of the machine's structure for deformation and vibration during operation, which can be later confirmed by computer aided testing. Areas of high stress concentration or excessive thermal growth are pinpointed on the drawing, so they are eliminated at an early stage and optimum machine life can be guaranteed.

Strong machine structure
Heavy duly Meehanite castings are used in the bed and column for Maximum damping and strength. Monoblock bed cast! with triangular structure and heavily ribbed minimise machine
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distortion during operation. Boxways are cast into the bed and column so no distortion occurs due to thermal differences between the slide-ways and machine casting! This maintains alignment of the ways throughout the machine life.

Improved positioning accuracy
Table height is kept low to reduce the bending moment so that improved positioning accuracy is possible under heavy cutting. A curvic coupling in table indexing offers excellent repeatability. All axes motors are direct coupled with flexible couplings so that no transmission vibrations are present. For Y-axis counter balancing is replaced with high powered (5.3kw) servo-motor with built-in brake, for smoother travel and liner positioning accuracy.


hydro.gif (15552 bytes) Hydro-dynamic plain bearing ways
The large contact area offered by plain bearings over rolling element bearings means slide-way wear is reduced, prolonging machine accuracy in heavy cutting or machining of hard materials. Higher damping, which is further improved with the use of bonded turcite, eliminates tool chatter for improved finishing and longer tool life.


handscrap.gif (20520 bytes) Hand scraping
The traditional method of handscraping remains the most effective way of ensuring squareness and flatness in machine tools using plain bearing linear ways. With over 40 years experience in building machine tools using this traditional manufacturing manner, our understanding of the critical factors that ensure accuracy and durability are second to none. Highly skill personnel, trained in-house, are employed to make sure this handscraping is done to perfection.
Minimising the effects of thermal growth
Symmetrical design and construction means heat generation is limited to minimise the effects of thermal growth on machine accuracies. Double-anchored ballscrews are pretensioned during assembly to absorb thermal growth without effecting accuracy. Effective chip evacuation from the machining area improves heat dissipation from the working area while spindle oil cooling prevents excessive spindle growth.


tool.gif (32502 bytes)Heavy duty spindle with integral 2-speed gearbox
Vcenter-H630 has been designed to handle large workpieces in a single set-up. The 2-speed gearbox coupled with 18.5kW spindle motor offers maximum torque output of 74.6kg-m giving unrivalled metal removal rates.
Spindle is supported with heavy duty roller bearings with large contact areas that easily handles large axial and radial loads.
Oil cooling to the spindle and gearbox maintain low bearing temperature for extended spindle life.

Durable tool changer
Twin arm type ATC performs better over continuous tool changes compared with disc type tool changers, while at the same time offering fast tool change. The ATC mechanism and tool magazine are both driven by durable hydraulic motors which ensures increased stability and longer service life. The entire unit is designed for minimum maintenance.

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